Thursday, 3 September 2015

A special swap and new friends

I have been participating in swaps on IG for a while now and it is always fun to make new friends with common interests. I love going to the mailbox and getting Happy Mail! My girls love seeing the packages I get and helping me open them. They think it's cool that people from other parts of the world have made something for me. And they love helping me pick fabrics and threads for the projects I work on for others.

Last spring, someone I follow on IG (Violet) posted a photo of her daughter sewing and she asked if anyone had kids who would be interested in swapping with her daughter. I haven't shared with you here on my blog yet, but both my girls finished their first quilts, and they have made quite a few cushions and zipper pouches and bags for friends so I told Violet that my girls would love to swap with her daughter.

So we sent each other the essential information, likes and dislikes and decided we would mail out the swaps towards the end of the summer.

The girls loved working on their mini quilts over the summer break. I helped a little with design but they did all the sewing themselves. They were really happy to be making something for a new friend, and for someone who lives in the U.S. (another country!) made it even more fun.



The girls received their mini quilts as well and they loved them. They really got the essence of what it is to participate in a swap. They had fun running to the mail box every day after they mailed their package too. I love sharing all of this with them! And I'm glad they are making quilty friends too!




  1. Oh I'm so glad they've received their minis and we're happy! Hannah was so happy to sew for your girls.

  2. How fun! The minis look awesome!


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